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10 Energy Saving Tips for this Hot Summer

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As we look forward to the warmer months of summer and enjoy our Minnesota summer evenings, we also must face higher energy bills in our Lakeville area.  Summer is brief enough so we don’t need to get bummed with the thought of more energy expenses.

Freshome has provided 10 summer energy saving tips.  I have highlighted the 10 tips.  Click on this link to get more details on how these tips can save money for your Lakeville home.  Enjoy.  10 Energy Saving Tips for this Hot Summer


1. Replace your outdated air conditioning unit:

2. Alternate methods of cooking:

3. Automate your thermostat:

4. Keep the hot sun out of your home:

5. Give your air conditioning a break:

6. Take cooler and shorter showers:

7. Install more energy efficient light bulbs:

8. Have you air conditioning unit serviced regularly: 9. Ensure your air conditioning pipes are sealed:

10. Spend more time outside of your home:

Do you have any energy saving tips to add to the list? Share them in Reply Section below.  Thank you.

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