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10 Simple New Year’s Energy Resolutions

10 Simpler New Year's Energy Resolutions10 Simple New Year’s Energy Resolutions…It’s the start of new year. You have made resolutions about your weight, your exercise program and perhaps bad habits you would like to break.  Why not have some New Year’s Resolutions about your energy usage?  You can have fun with these resolutions and save dollars in the process.  Here are 10 Simple New Year’s Energy Resolutions.

10 Simpte New Year’s Energy Resolutions

  1. Get a smart thermostat.It’s 2017, there’s no reason to have a traditional thermostat on the wall. Programmable thermostats and smart home technology can save you upwards of 10% on heating and cooling costs.
  2. Heat Your Home Naturally: Use this winter season to take advantage of the sun. You can harness the sun’s warm rays by opening the blinds and curtains on sunny days.
  3. Get Smart about Your Water Heating Costs:Did you know that water heating accounts for nearly 15% of your utility bill? Set your water heater on 120°F; use cold water for washing clothes, and installing low-flow showerheads.
  4. Study your Energy Bills: The most important step in any new year is to look at the previous 12 months. Reviewing your 2016 utility bills can help you see where adjustments need to be made in your energy usage.
  5. Change your furnace filters regularly: You know you should do this. Clogged or dirty filters reduce airflow and can cause your furnace to work harder than it should to keep your home comfortable.  By changing the filters, you can have a drastic impact on your system’s efficiency.
  6. Use Energy –Saving light bulbs: If you replace just five of the most used light bulbs in your home with ENERGY STAR® bulbs, you could save up to $75 per year on your electric bill.
  7. Seal & Insulate Ductwork: Holes and loose connections in your home’s ductwork affectd the performance of your heating system. This adds to your utility costs and potentially shortening the system’s life.  Use our Aeroseal duct sealing process to save up to 30% in heat loss.
  8. Unplug Your Electronics & Appliances: Vampire energy usage refers to wasted electricity from plugged-in electronics. Energy-sucking culprits are printers, computers, televisions, coffee makers, lamps, electronics chargers and other devices. Keeping these devices plugged into a power strip allows you to turn off the strip when not in use. Thus , you cut off any wasted energy.
  9. Turn on Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans are attractive decorative elements and practical. During cold months, adjust your ceiling fans to spin clockwise to push down warm air that rises.
  10. Schedule routine maintenance: Make a resolution to stay on top of scheduling your annual air conditioning and heating tune-up to keep your system running efficiency.

Conclusion to 10 Simple New Year’s Energy Resolutions

None of these 10 Simple New Year’s Energy Resolutions will be as difficult as your resolutions about dieting, exercise or stopping bad habits.  You can do these resolutions easily and you will see immediate savings on your energy bill.

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