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Air –Source Heat Pumps Worthwhile Investment

Lakeville Heat pumpThe following is an excerpt from the Dakota Electric September 2012 Newsletter.

For Jean Abbott of Lakeville, purchasing an air-source heat pump just seemed like the obvious choice.

“My central air conditioner was just as old as my furnace. So it made more sense price-wise to buy both a new heating and cooling system”. Abbott Said.

An air-source heat pump works as an efficient central air conditioning and also provides supplemental heat, allowing Abbott to run her furnace less. The convenience of having a programmable thermostat allows Abbott to “set it and forget it.” Once the outside temperature dips below 20 degrees, her furnace will automatically kick on.

To help off-set the cost, Abbott took advantage of $630.00 in Dakota Electric rebates. Lakeville Heating and Cooling/Angell Aired is offering an additional $250.00 in dealer rebates.

If you want to learn more how a air-source heat pump can work in your Lakeville home, give us a call at 952-513-4384.


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