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Alert for Lakeville Townhouse Owners!

Lakeville Town HousesNew Department of Energy Regulations—May of 2013

The Department of Energy has finalized their regional standards for HVAC equipment effective for May of 2013.  As of that date, all furnace replacements in Minnesota will need a minimum efficiency of 90% + AFUE.

Lakeville Townhouse Owners

While these new furnaces will use less energy, there is one group of Lakeville homeowners who may adversely be affected by these new regulations.  If you own a townhouse that was build over 10 years ago, you most likely have a standardize furnace.  To install a furnace that meets DOE regulations will require venting with PVC pipes to an exterior wall of the home.  In many of these townhouse situations getting the venting to the outside wall will require extensive and costly remodeling efforts.

Standard Efficiency Furnaces

How can you tell if you have a standardized furnace?  Here are a few clues:

  • If you currently have a metal chimney, you probably have a standard efficiency furnace.
  • If your utility room is in the middle of your home with no PVC venting to an outside wall, you have a standard efficiency furnace.

What Are My Options?

  • While upgrading to a higher 90% + AFUE furnace will give you additional benefits, the equipment and the remodeling to outside venting will be more costly.
  • Until May of 2013, you can still purchase a standardized furnace.  This could be an upgrade to what you currently have in your home.  After May of 2013, you will not have this option.

We suggest that you give us a call and we will review your current Lakeville townhouse situation.  We can identify the various options you have for upgrading your furnace when that times comes.  Our visit is free.  We are happy to explain what options you have for your townhouse situation.  Give us a call at 952-513-4384.

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