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Annual A/C Maintenance Saves You Money!

Annual A/C Maintenance Saves You Money….Last week a customer asked, “I see all of those ads for air conditioner maintenance. Does it really paid to have annual A/C maintenance?” My simple answer, “Regular A/C maintenance will save you money in a number of ways”.

First, it can save you dollars in preventive costs. Repairing a small leak in a refrigerant line is far less costly than repairing a complete compressor that has burnt out because of the leak. There are many moving part in an A/C unit. An annual A/C maintenance will make sure all the parts are doing their jobs.

Second, you can save money when your A/C unit is working efficiently. You use less energy dollars to keep your home cool in the summer. Less efficient A/C systems have to work harder to remove the humidity from your home.

Watch this short video from Home Advisors. Then pick up the phone and schedule an appointment for you annual A/C maintenance. You will save in a third way by taking advantage of our spring maintenance special at $49.99.

These are three ways you can use A/C maintenance to save on your air conditioning dollars.

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