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August Energy Saving Tips

August Energy Saving TipsAugust Energy Saving Tips…We still have a good month of air conditioning weather. Here are 10 suggestions for reducing this last month of summer energy bills It’s never too late to save money.
1. Replace your outdated air conditioning unit: If you live in a home that is over 20 years old, it may be time to consider purchasing a new unit that is more energy efficient.
2. Alternate methods of cooking: Instead of using your oven every day, consider using your microwave or grilling outside this summer.

3. Automate your thermostat: If you are still using a manual thermostat to adjust the air conditioning in your home, consider replacing with an automatic one that can be programmed to keep your home warmer when you are not home.

4. Keep the hot sun out of your home: When leaving your home, or in times of the day when the sun is at its hottest, pull your window treatments closed to block out warm rays.
5. Give your air conditioning a break: Using a ceiling fan to move air around in your home instead of air conditioning can give a much-needed break to your air conditioning.

6. Take cooler and shorter showers: When taking a shower in your home, turn down the temperature of the hot water to save energy.

7. Install more energy efficient light bulbs: Change out your current incandescent bulbs to more efficient ones, for example: compact fluorescent bulbs use less energy to use as well as emit a brighter light.
8. Have you air conditioning unit serviced regularly: Ensure that you keep your air filters changed regularly per the manufacturer’s directions, and have a professional HVAC maintenance person service your unit every year.

9. Ensure your air conditioning pipes are sealed: Examine the pipes, and connections, as well as vents in your home to ensure proper sealing and caulking between the connections.
10. Spend more time outside of your home: Summertime is a perfect excuse to get out and enjoy it!

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