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Home Automated energy

The home security business is evolving.  It is now becoming a home automation business.  Let me explain what is happening to make your Lakeville home into a “smart home.”

Sparked by wireless technology, we now have the ability to offer more than protecting your family valuables.   We can now help you manage your home energy, its temperatures and provide a broad range of home function controls and alerts.  Here are some of the things we can do as part of our new smart home systems.

  • Remotely arm and disarm your security system
  • Alert your home for carbon monoxide, flooding and fires
  • Remotely control your temperature, your lighting and your blinds
  • Manage your electronic appliances
  • Communicate directly with EMT, fire and police departments
  • Surveillance videos both inside and outside the home
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely
  • Real time communications about the status of these home functions

The beauty of the new smart home systems is everything is 100% under your control from your mobile devices, computers or tablets.  What was once the privilege of the wealthy can now be had by ordinary homeowners?   Because this is wireless, you can be in two places at once!  Home automation systems now provide you with total peace of mind about your home situation as well as your valuables.

Here’s what our industry newsletters are saying about smart home automation.  

Only 3% of homes in North America have home automation systems. The growth of smartphones, cloud-based interfaces and broadband cable promises to make it a lot cheaper for ordinary homeowners to afford.  “Home automation is growing double digits,”  said NYCE CEO Doug Fast. said.

“But the thing that’s really going to take off is now everybody has a smartphone, everybody has broadband, and now everybody wants to be able to manage their home and their possessions from one interface, and that’s driving changes for the market place.”

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