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Back to School Energy Saving Tips

Back to School Energy Saving TipsBack to School Energy Saving Tips…As you can tell from the ads on TV, it is back to school time. Once the kids are back in school and the house is emptier, it offers you opportunities to save on your energy bills. I call these back to school energy saving tips.

Increase Your Thermostat by Several Degrees

With fewer people at home during the day you can now raise your thermostat by several degrees during the time when no one is home. Program your thermostat to kick on the cooling 30 minutes before people arrive back home. This thermostat increase can save you anywhere from 4-10% in energy saving. Reverse the process as you begin to use your furnace.

Use Your Refrigerator Wisely

Opening and closing the doors of your refrigerator forces it to work harder to keep a consistent temperature. When you are preparing lunches for the family, take out all of the items from the refrigerator, then close the door, make the lunches, then return them to the refrigerator. This will save you energy dollars.

Unplug Unused Devices

During the summer time when the kids are at home, they are using countless gadgets like IPods, phone chargers, Laptops and a variety of video games. Even though you turn off these items, they still consume energy. Unplugged unused devices.  Yes, this really will save you energy dollars.

Close Curtains, Blinds or Drapes

Back to school September months can still be hot. It is a good idea to close your drapes, blinds of curtains especially on the south side of your home to reduce heat gain in the home. Otherwise, you will just be forcing your air conditioner to work harder. As the fall approaches take advantage of the sun to help warm your rooms.

HVAC Maintenance

Back to school time is an excellent time to do your annual maintenance on your furnace.  A well-tuned furnace will not only provide you with better energy savings, it will also provide you the peace of mind that your system is operating safely for your family. Take advantage of Lakeville Heating and Cooling’s fall furnace maintenance special for $49.99.

Use Your Dishwasher Efficiently

Your life style will change and children spend more of their time in school. This means you will need to do less loads of dishes in your dishwasher. Make sure that is completely loaded before you do a load of dishes. Using the air-dry option instead of heat dry options will also save you energy dollars.


Your life style will change when the children go back to school. You can use this time as an opportunity to save  energy with Back to School Energy Saving Tips. Click here for more Back to School Energy Saving Tips.

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