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Bryant Air Conditioner Options

Bryant Air Conditioner Options…Bryant has been improving indoor comfort with air conditioners for over a hundred years. With Bryant air conditioners, you get highest efficiency home cooling with economic value. With Bryant, you have a choice between three series of air conditioner systems.

Customer Testimonial

So, I called 5 different companies with A ratings on Angie’s list and asked when the earliest a new unit could be installed.  Every one of them except Angell Aire gave me a date nearly 2 weeks away (I needed it fast considering it was 100 degrees outside!).  When I called and talked to Phil, he said he could have someone here tomorrow.  The new unit qualifies me for some rebates from my electric company.   Angell Aire takes care of all of the paperwork for me – all I have to do is kick back and enjoy the cold air.  I HIGHLY recommend Angell Aire – the experience was excellent and I will not hesitate to recommend them to others. Amy, Eagan.

Bryant Air Conditioner Options

 Evolution® Series Air Conditioners          Bryant Air Conditioners Options

Available in variable-speed as well as 1- and 2-stage units, these powerful air conditioners can operate as quietly as a vacuum with 19+ SEER efficiency ratings. The system can operate at 66% or 100% capacity, helping reduce humidity and boost efficiency. All of these models can be controlled from almost anywhere with the Evolution® Connex® control. Enjoy consistent comfort, even on extreme days.


                   Preferred™ Series Air Conditioners

Bryant Air Conditioners Options

Whether you choose the 1- or 2-stage unit or the Preferred™ Compact model, you will enjoy reliable, whole-home comfort. These mid-tier air conditioners are designed to operate consistently and quietly with SEER ratings of 15 or higher. For shoppers looking for high-efficiency systems that will not break the bank in up-front costs, this is an ideal solution. Click here for more Bryant Air Conditioner Options.


                      Legacy™ Line Central Air Conditioners

Bryant Air Conditioners Options

Legacy Line air conditioners provide cost-efficient cooling for your home, delivering an up to 16.5 SEER rating. The Legacy Line includes a 10-year limited warranty on parts–same as its other systems. Bryant air conditioner prices for these systems are extremely affordable.


Let us help you decide which Bryant Air Conditioning system is right for your family and budget and what rebates or credits are available for your purchase.  Give us a call at 952-513-4382 or use the Contact Us Form below.