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Bryant Housewise Goes High Tech with Alexa for You

Bryant Housewise Goes High Tech with AlexaBryant Housewise Goes High Tech with Alexa…You know Bryant for its trust and reliability in home heating and cooling. It has also been one of the technolgoy leaders in the home heating and cooling world. For years, Bryant has recognized that consumers who are making a 15-20 year investment in a home heating and cooling system,wants the latest and best technology for their investment.

Bryant again has taken a huge step forward in home heating and cooling technology by incorporating Alesa technology with its Housewise thermostats.Now you can bring Bryant’s technology and Amazon’s Alexa techonology to make your home smarter and more efficient.

Bryant Housewise Goes High Tech with Alexa

Smart thermostats have been around for several years. They allow a homeowner to change the setting on their thermostats anywhere they can used their phone.The Bryant Housewise Thermostat works ideally as a smart thermostat to help homeowners regulate their heating and cooling needs.

Now Bryant has teamed up with Alexa, the cloud voice system from Amazon. Using the Echo or Echo Dot speakers, you can use Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, read the news set alarms, control smart home devices by just using your voice.

Once you connect the Housewise system to the Alexa platform, you can use voice active commands to control your hoome heating and cooling. “Alexa, reduce the heat to 70 degrees.” Alexa, raise my heat by two degrees.” A third party study found the Housewise thermostat saved an average of 20 percent on home heating and cooling energy costs.

Amazon’s voice-activated smart home speak is undeniabley futuristic. It is also practical and accessible. With a rapidly growing slate of featuers and integrations, it is easy to get excited about the new marriage between Alexa and Bryant’s Housewise thermostats.


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