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Children’s Summer Energy Saving Ideas

Children's Summer Energy Saving  Ideas


Children’s Summer Energy Saving Ideas…Summer is here.  The children are home from the Lakeville schools. With more people home during the day, your summer energy bills will increase.  Why not make it a family project to reduce your summer energy consumption? 

Educate your children on basic energy consumption.  Reducing energy consumption helps save natural resources, reduces our national debt and creates a healthier environment for everyone.

Have your children do some homework on the computer discovering ways they can reduce summer energy consumption.

Work with them on things they can do on a daily basis to reduce summer energy consumption.

Create a reward system for their efforts in saving summer energy.

Here is some summer energy saving tips your children can get started on.

Children’s Summer Energy Saving Tips

  • Keep the thermostat at 78 degrees
  • Take lukewarm and shorter showers to avoid heat-holding humid air
  • Put in fluorescent light bulbs (they use less electricity and create much less heat)
  • Avoid repeatedly and unnecessarily opening refrigerators and freezers
  • Exercise outdoors when possible and avoid having too many people in one room; human beings create lots of heat
  • Routinely turn off all appliances and lights, including computers when not being used


For dozens of other tips children can use to help conserve summer energy consumption, go to “35 ways Kids Save Energy Home Sizzling Summer”.


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