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Cold Weather Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

Business Cold weather energy tips

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Successful businesses know how to save money. Cutting back on unnecessary cold weather energy can keep more money in your pocket. Here are some cold weather tips for your business heating and ventilation system from Consumer Energy Center.

Heating and Ventilation Systems Efficiency Tips

  • Set the thermostat in your workspace to 68 degrees during work hours and raise the setting to 55 degrees when the space is unoccupied. For every degree you lower the heat in the 60-degree to 70-degree range; you can save up to 5% on heating costs.
  • Use a programmable thermostat and make it easy to adjust the settings as well as regulate the temperature when you are closed to avoid unnecessary heating costs. Consider a locking cover over the thermostat to avoid having employees change temperature settings.
  • Open window blinds to warm your rooms from direct sunlight.
  • To save energy, keep your exterior and freight doors closed as much as possible.
  • Keep your heating and ventilation systems tuned. Maintain a regular filter replacement and cleaning schedule. Don’t forget to check ducts and pipe insulation.
  • Install ceiling fans – they circulate the warm air, pulling it away from the ceiling. Remember to change the fan rotation so it is reverse of your summer use.
  • When buying new heating and ventilation units – choose ENERGY STAR. They are 20- to 30-percent more efficient than older models.
  • When possible, remove solar screens, blinds or awning on the south and west facing windows to help increase heat gain, during the winter months. Replace during the summer.


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