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AC and Furnace Maintenance Programs

AC and Furnace Maintenance Programs…At Lakeville Heating and Cooling we offer several AC and Furnace Maintenance Programs that will help save you energy dollars and prolong the life your AC and gas furnace systems.  We are very proud to offer our Green Star Maintenance Program.

Green Star Maintenance Program

AC and Furnace Maintenance Programs


Why Choose the Green Star AC and Furnance Maintenance Program?    


Your home heating and cooling system is a vital part of living comfortably in our Minnesota climate.  Like your automobile, to ensure that your investment is operating at top efficiency, proper maintenance is needed.

Benefits of the Green Star Maintenance Program…

  • Extend the life of your heating and cooling system
  • Add comfort to your home from an efficiently operating system
  • Reduce energy costs from an efficiently operating system
  • Peace of mind knowing your system is operating safely and efficiently
  • Discounts on parts and service

Here’s is what you Get with the Green Star Program…

  • Two scheduled visits annually—we schedule these for yoo
  • 29 Safety point checks with each visit
  • Cleaning of essential equipment
  • Change of 4 “ filter with each visit (some filters are extra charge)
  • 15% discount on any needed parts
  • No premium charges on any Emergency Calls
  • A detailed report on the condition of your system
  • Satisfaction guarantee—we promise your complete satisfaction

Enrolling in the Green Star Maintenance Program

Call Lakeville Heating and Cooling so we can set you up on the program—952-513-4382 or talk to your service technician about the Green Star Maintenance form. Give yourself and your family peace of mind knowing your heating and cooling system is operating safely and efficiently to bring you continuous comfort and energy savings.

Customer Testimonial

Purchased the green start maintenance plan through Angie’s list. The plan pays for a spring and fall system check up normally priced at $160. With hot weather in the forecast, I decided to give them a call before trouble developed. They came out and inspected our system within 2 days of my call. I asked them to replace an old programmable thermostat with a newer Honeywell version.  On time did the work quickly. We didn’t need any additional work or parts. They were prepared to replace the thermostat, but did a good job informing us of the complexity due to the inclusion of our whole house vent/re-circulation system. The current programmable thermostat was old but still functioning well. A new one would have required the purchase and install of two new circuit boards to be compatible with the newer version. They did a good job of giving us the info, and we decided that this was a “nice to have” but not worth that level of work at the time.  Angell did the work required, didn’t up charge for additional items we didn’t need, and helped us make a practical decision about a newer thermostat.  I’ll keep these guys in my Rolodex any day. They’ll get the business when something big happens. J. Klein,  Lakeville, Mn.

AC and Furnace Maintenance Programs

At Angell Aire we maintain furnaces, air conditioners, humidifiers, heat pumps, EAC, boilers, air exchangers, radiant heat,UV Lights, dehumidifers, Air Handlers, Garage Heaters.  

Spring and Fall Maintenance Programs

As an alternative to our Green Star Maintenance Program, you may wish to take advantage of the spring and fall maintenance programs.  These are low cost one-time service calls that will get your A/C ready for the summer and your furnace ready for the Lakeville Minnesota winter.

Please complete the following form if you would like the Angell Aire Service Manager to call and talk with you about maintenance scheduling and payment plans. When you complete the form, hit the submit button.