Lakeville Heating and Cooling

Energy Saving Innovations

Energy Saving Innovations…Beyond the basics of your home air conditioning and furnace system there are innovations you can use to achieve additional home comfort while spending less energy dollars. Innovations in energy saving technology continue to unfold each year. For example, a smart programable thermostat is a wonderful compliment to your high efficiency furnace and air conditioner. You control the temperature in your home from anywhere you have a smart cell phone.

Additional Energy Saving Innovations

Heat Pumps and GeoThermal machine are the cutting edge energy saving technologies. More and more Lakeville customers are using these options when it comes time to invest in a new home system. Using the principles of heat and cool in the air or in the ground, you can let nature save you energy dollars. On specific models, the government will give you a tax credit to help you implement these systems. Click to learn more about heat pumps and geo thermal systems as an energy saving innovation.

Energy Saving InnovationsWhile a great deal of attention has been focused on making the heating and cooing systems more efficient, a new technology has focused on the distribution system, the duct work in your home that carried the warm and cool air to your rooms. Behind your sheet rock walls, your duct work has tiny holes and openings that all the warm and cool air to escape from the system. Most homes show a loss of 20-30% of their energy through these small opening. Now the Aeroseal technology allows a homeowner to seal up these holes from the inside of the ductwork. This now only results in a more comfortable home by eliminiating the warm and cool spots.  It also produces a significant energy saving on your monthly bills. Aeroseal, another energy saving innovation.

In Minnesota, we spend a great deal of our time inside of our homes. As environmental concern grow, we have become more sensitive to the air we breathe in our homes. Bad air can mean a sickl family. Air purifiers and humidifiers were once just tools of the wealthy. Today, air purifiers and humidifiers have become tools in creating more livable indoor air quality. Energy saving innovations.