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New Bryant and Honeywell Thermostat Technology

New Bryant and Honeywell Thermostat Technology…You know from personal experience cell phone technology has expanded in the past five years. The same WiFi technology is now available to control the cooling and heating of your home. You have a high efficiency furnace. Your best energy compliment is a thermostat that works directly with your high efficiency furnace and air conditioner.

Lakeville Heating and Cooling offers the complete line of Bryant smart thermostats as well as Honeywell thermostats that will work with any furnace or air conditioning system. Check out the various options you have to compliment your energy saving efforts.

Bryant Thermostat Technology

Evolution® Connex™ Control

New Bryant and Honeywell Thermostat Technology

Whole-home comfort at the push of a button – well, there aren’t really buttons, it’s more like whole-home comfort at the touch of a screen. While it may not have the same ring, you can count on the complete control of your home comfort that comes from the Evolution® Connex™ Control.



Bryant® Wi-Fi® Thermostats

Bryant WiFi thermostat

With Bryant® Wi-Fi® Thermostats, you can take the controls to your home’s heating and cooling almost anywhere you go. Forgot to adjust the temperature before you left? Going to be away longer than you thought? No problem. With our Wi-Fi thermostats, including the new Housewise™ thermostat, you can manage your home’s comfort on the go, efficiently and easily.


Programmable Thermostats

New Bryant and Honeywell Thermostat Technology

Coming in both a Preferred™ and Legacy™ series unit, these thermostats are designed to keep your home inviting and comfortable.  Simple programming technology makes it easy for you to create customized comfort schedules based on your lifestyle.



Honeywell Thermostats

Wi-Fi Thermostat

Honeywell WiFi thermostat

In case you find the other wireless units are out of your price Programmable thermostat. This model combines simplicity with technology really well without a big dent in your wallet.


Best Touchscreen Thermostat

New Bryant and Honeywell Thermostat Technology

Touch screen technology is just about everywhere these days, and thermostats haven’t been missed. The Honeywell RTH8500D 7 Programmable which, as the name suggests, has the option for 7 day programming but it’s also packed with numerous other features.


Conventional Programmable Thermostat

New Bryant and Honeywell Thermostat Technology
If you are not interested in thermostats that have all the “bells and whistles” the Honeywell Home/Bldg Center RTH6450D1009 is a great option if you don’t need a unit that’s packed with features you might not use.


Best Non-Programmable Thermostat

New Bryant and Honeywell Thermostat Technology

The Honeywell Focuspro 5000 is for people who just want to be able to switch the heat or cool on/off in the home without the need to worry about a schedule.



Give us a call so we can help you find the thermostat that will work best for you and your family situation. By using a programbable thermostat, you will enhance your energy savings with less time and effort.        952-513-4382.