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Fall Energy Saving Tips

Dakota Electric Fall Energy Tips

While we wait for “Indian Summer” in Lakeville, let me share four fall energy saving tips.  These tips will save you money and keep you warm!

  1. Set your thermostat at 68 degrees.  Turn it down at night and when you leave the home to 65 degrees.
  2. During the fall days, open your shades to let in solar heating.  Close them at night to save the heat you have gained from the sun.
  3. Tour the outside of your home to check on weather stripping around doors and windows.  Look for places where pipes, wires and vents enter your home.  Caulk and seal any openings.  You paid for the warm air.  Don’t let it escape to the neighborhood!
  4. Have your heating system serviced by a HVAC contractor and replace your filters regularly.  Lakeville Heating and Cooling is offering a special maintenance check up for $49.99 for homes in the Lakeville area during the month of October.  Give us a call.  952-513-4384.


While each of these is a small effort, they can add up to larger fall savings on your energy bill.

Thanks to Dakota Electric for their fall tips.

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