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Furnace Maintenance–Best Winter Protection!

Lakeville Heating and CoolingYou know the value of car maintenance for extending your car’s life.  Did you know that furnace maintenance has the same value of extending the life of your heating system?  When you think about it, your heating and cooling system is running almost every day of the year.  This is equivalent to a car running at 60 mph or 216,000 miles a year.  This type of operation is bound to take a toll on any system.

Doing a maintenance check in the fall is the easiest way to prepare your furnace for the extra work it will need to do during the Minnesota winter season. 

During the fall months, Angell Aire (parent company of Lakeville Heating and Cooling) is offering maintenance special.  Take advantage of this offer to help prolong the life of your heating system. 

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