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5 Tips for Greener Grass for Less Money


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Minnesotans wait patiently through the long winter for the green grass of summer.  Here are five tips for watering your Lakeville lawn and saving water dollars at the same time.  These tips are brought to you by Dale Hurt, a local based lawn sprinkling business.



  1. Water falling from the sky is perfect for your lawn.  Have you thought about using the water that runs off of your roof?  You can capture this water in rain barrels connected to your downspouts.  When you water your plants and gardens, use the water from the rain barrels.
  2. The sun can be your enemy when it comes to watering your lawn.  Put water on your lawn in the middle of the day and most of it evaporates.  Water your lawn at dusk or dawn to actually get the water to the root of your grass.
  3. Do you have hills in your yard?  If so, break up the watering pattern so that you are not just creating a runoff.  A sure sign of this is water gathering at the curb side or running into a neighbor’s yard.  For most lawns, you don’t need more than 30 minutes a day.
  4. If you are going to install a lawn sprinkling system, position the heads and zones for the areas that need the consistent water.  These could be gardens, special landscaping plants or areas requiring more water.  Drip systems also work well for specific areas.
  5. Sprinkling system now have smart controllers.  These controllers are connected to a weather station.  They adjust to the soil conditions, hillsides, humidity, temperature and rainfall.  Every 8 minutes the smart controller gets a read from the weather station.  These controllers can be operated anywhere in your home.

Smart watering of your lawn can mean less water used and more savings for your pocketbook.  And best of all, your lawn will look green and beautiful!

What is your best way to save grass watering dollars?



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