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Lighting is the Least Expensive Way to Green Your Lakeville Home

Want to know the easiest way to “green” your Lakeville Home?  Check out these suggestions from


The easiest and least expensive way to begin to green an existing building, and save on energy costs, is to alter the lighting.

According to Don Hall of Wattworks, lighting is one of the five main users of power in a home. While many elect to replace incandescent light Lakeville energy saving tipsbulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), additional measures, like adding skylights to maximize natural light or installing sensors, take that energy savings a step further. The popularity of light sensors is on the rise in commercial and industrial buildings because human habits, even among those with the best intentions, can cost a lot in energy consumption.

As an alternative to CFLs, which have high levels of mercury that make disposal problematic, there are cold cathode fluorescent light bulbs that contain one-tenth the amount of mercury. For maximum energy savings on lighting, LED bulbs and fixtures continue to advance in efficiency, longevity, and design. “People are usually pleasantly surprised that they don’t have to give up the look of nice fixtures or settle for unpleasant light with LED,” says Hall. “They can get the same quality and still get dimming, warm light.”

For large-scale commercial and industrial projects, Thomas Van Cleef of Shine on Solar Solutions, who contracts large-scale lighting projects, estimates that retrofitting with CFLs can save over 60 percent in lighting costs, while LED can save over 80 percent. “These kinds of investments can pay back in three years or less,” he says.

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