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Maintenance Tips from Angell Aire

How often should I get my A/C or furnace checked?

Manufacturers recommend an annual maintenance check for their warranties to remain in place.  Today’s high efficiency furnaces require maintenance to keep them operating at peak performance. 

There are things you can do yourself to keep you’re A/C and furnace operating at high performance levels. 

  • Change filters on a regular basis.  (1” filters should be changed every month; 4” filters should be changed every 6 months.)  A dirty filter will often block air flow movement lowering the performance of your system.

  • Make sure there is no debris around your outside A/C unit such as cottonwood see or other debris. This outside unit should be checked before and during the A/C heavy use seasons.

Angell Aire provides an annual maintenance program that is cost effective and will give you the assurance that your units are operating safely and economically.  Just as maintenance is important to the performance of your car, energy maintenance is important to the performance of your system.   To learn more about annual maintenance programs, call us at 952-513-4384.

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