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New Technology Brings Higher Energy Savings

New Technology Brings Higher Energy SavingsAt Lakeville Heating and Cooling, we are introducing a new service to Lakeville residents. This service will save you energy dollars and bring more consistent heat and cooling to your home.

Beyond the higher efficiency furnaces, the heating and cooling industry has now started to focus on the home distribution system of your centralized heating and cooling system. By distribution system, I mean the ductwork that distributes the warm and cool air to the rooms in your home.

Did you know that 90% of American homes have small cracks and opening in the ductwork hidden behind your walls? This can produce a 30%-40% loss of air moving through your system. This escaped air causes you to use more energy to achieve your desired temperature. The loss of air also creates hot and cold areas in your room.

We now have a new technology and service called Aeroseal that seals those openings from the inside of your ducts. After an initial test to see how much loss you have in your system, Aerseal is forced through your ductwork sealing all of the opening and leaks from the inside. The result is a 90% fix to lost air in your system.

The process is perfectly safe and lasts for over 10 years. Now you have a new technology, another tool you can use to save energy and bring more comfort to your home.

To learn more about Aeroseal and how the Department of Energy and popular websites like This Old House are praising Aeroseal, click here to see the details of this energy technological breakthrough. Once you have reviewed the process, give us a call so we can explain how Aeroseal can save you energy dollars and bring more comfort to your home. Call today.  952-513-4384.

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