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Options for Propane Heating

Lakeville propane tanksToday a gallon of propane costs $4.00 a gallon.  Compare this to last winter’s price of $1.39.  Is it any wonder that many home owners who use propane for their winter heating are looking for energy saving options?

If you are a propane user, you have several options.  You can install an electric plenum heater in your furnace.  This plenum heater works in conjunction with the furnace by using heating coils to product heat and the fan from your furnace distributes the heat throughout your home.  With a electric plenum heater you can switch back and forth between using electric and propane heat depending upon which energy source is cheaper.

You have a second option of installing an air-source or a ground-source heat pump.   This will provide higher heating and cooling efficiencies for your home.  The heat pump takes warmth from the air or ground and converts it for heating your home.  It does the opposite in the summer to cool your home.  This is a more expensive option but one that will bring many years of energy savings.

If you are a customer of Dakota Electric, they offer rebates for air and ground-source heat pumps.  They also offer special electrical rates for using electric heat. 

Give us a call and let us show you ways to beat the high cost of propane heating.  Angell Aire 952-746-5200.

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