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Recycling To Help Others!

Recycling To Help OthersWhen we think of recycling we think of paper, plastic and cans.  We know how to sort these products in our weekly trash pick up’s.  There are ways to donate used clothing to places like Goodwill and Disabled Americans organization.  We can donate our used furniture to places like Bridging in south Minneapolis to help families start up their homes.  Here are some additional ways to recycle things that can be used by other people in need.

Cell Phones—The Wireless Foundation refurbishes old phones and gives them to domestic-violence survivors.  For information on cell-phone charities go to

Computers—You can return used computers to their manufacturers for recycling or donating them to a charitable organization.  Here are two sources you can use. and

Old Sneakers—Nike’s Reused-A-Shoe program accepts old sneakers of any brand and recycles them into courts for various sports so kids around the world have a place to play.

Shopping Bags—You maybe able to drop them off at your local grocery store.

TV’s—Best Buy will remove and recycle a set when it delivers a new one. Or bring your old one to Office Depot to be recycled.


We know the importance of recycling for our environment.  It’s always a good feeling to recycle our older things that can directly benefit others. This information was provided by

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