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Save Energy by Reversing Your Ceiling Fans

Lakeville Winger energy tipsThis week we are in the dead of a Minnesota winter.  If you didn’t caulk or close drafts or added insulation to save heat this winter, it is probably not going to get done this year.  It’s just too darn cold!

Here’s a simple tip that you can do right now to save energy dollars and make you home feel warmer in the process. 

Reverse your ceiling fans

Did you ever open your refrigerator and feel the rush of cold air on your bare feet?  Cold air is heavier than warm air.  It sinks to the floor.  Warm air rises to the ceiling.

Most ceiling fans are set to push air in a downward motion.  The hot summer air collects on the ceiling and the cooler air-conditioned air collects near the floor.  The downward motion of the fan mixes the two temperatures of air to make the house cooler.

In the winter, you want the opposite effect.  You want to pull the cooler air from the floor and mix it with the warmer air from the ceiling.  This pulling effect also avoids the uncomfortable drafting effect of forcing air directly upon us.  The draft feels good in the summer; draft feels bad in the winter.

Most ceiling fans have a directional switch.  Most summer fans rotate clockwise.   In the winter, flip the switch to set the fan for an upward flow of the air.  You can test this by turning on the fan and holding your hand to feel for the air.  Do not touch the fan blades.  If you feel the air blowing down on your hands, flip the directional switch to reverse the rotation of the blades.  In the winter set your fan to the lowest speed.

Reversing your fans is a simple tip to save some energy dollars and feel warmer in your Lakeville home.



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