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Savings Tips for Winter Energy Bills–Act Now!

Savings Tips for Winter Energy Bills Act Now…The best thing you can do to save on your upcoming winter energy bills is furnace maintenance. We have just gone through a hot Minnesota summer where your furnace and air conditioners has worked very hard. The annual maintenance on your furnace will make sure it is operating efficiency to save energy and at the same time be safe for your family.

Angell Aire has an early bird furnace maintenance offer. You can get your furnace maintained for only $49.95. Call for an appointment for this savings tip for winter energy bills.  952-746-5200.

Maintenance will help save on your winter’s energy dollars. Here is another major energy saving tip.

Savings Tips for Winter Energy Bills–The Aeroseal TreatmentSavings Tips for Winter Energy Bills

If you are like 98% of the homes built in America, you will have small openings and holes in the ductwork that is behind your sheetrock walls. Although these holes and openings are small, as your heated air moves through the ductwork system, 30% of the warm can be lost through these openings.

Bottom line, this means that you will need to use an extra 30% of heated air to keep your rooms at your desired temperature.  Your furnace may be highly efficient. However, it your heat is being lost through your ductwork, you are still using extra energy to keep your home heated.

How Aeroseal Works to Save Your Winter Energy Bills

Can you seal the openings in your ductwork without taking down the sheetrock walls? The answer is “Yes!”  We now have Aeroseal technology that can seal these small holes and opening from inside of the ductwork. In an average size house, it takes about four hours to seal the openings. The Aeroseal treatment restores your ductwork to 98% efficiency.  Now you have a high efficiency furnace operating with a high efficiency ductwork system to save you significant energy dollars. Aeroseal is a saving tip for winter energy bills.

Here is an additional benefit to the Aeroseal treatment. Because of the heat leakage from your ductwork, areas of each home develop cool spots. There are areas in rooms where it never seems to be warm enough.  You can turn up the heat but that makes other parts of the home too warm and uses much more energy.

Once you Aeroseal the leaks in your ductwork, your heat become more even through out your homes. Customers have told us they feel an immediate difference in the home after the Aeroseal treatment. “We were one of the first people in our area to try the Aeroseal product.  For years, we have experienced uneven heat and cold spots in our rooms.  Once we completed the Aeroseal process, we immediately felt the difference in room comfort. We were also very pleased to see a reduction in our energy bills.  I would highly recommend this Aeroseal process offered by Home Performance Solutions.”  Chris H. Waconia

Does this sound too good to be true? After the high efficiency furnaces, sealing ductwork is the next great energy saving technology.

Click here to learn more about how the Aeroseal treatment can save you winter energy dollars. Then give us a call to see how you can use this treatment in your home.  It will be the best energy investment you make for you and your family.


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