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Should I Clean My Ductworks?

Should I clean my Ductworks

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Cleaning the ductwork that carried the warm and cool air throughout your home us probably is not on your fall “honeydew” list. It is easy to overlook this part of home maintenance since it is out of sight.

Does your home need duct work cleaning? Every home is different depending upon factors like pets, smoking, house cleanliness, weather conditions and house renovations.

While research does not show a direct link between indoor air quality and clean ducts, there are certain conditions where duct cleaning can contribute to better indoor air quality and higher energy efficiency. If you have any of the following conditions in your home, you may wish to consider duct cleaning to improve the air quality in your home.

  • Renovation: Has your home been recently been renovated? Dust and debris may have become lodged in your ductwork from the renovations.
  • Animals: If you have seen any signs of animal infestations or nesting in your ductwork, have a pest control remove the animals and then have your duct works cleaned.
  • Mold: Do you see any sign of mold around your ductwork opening? Do you have problems with excessive moisture in your home? Cleaning your ductwork can reduce or eliminate the mold that is growing within.
  • Contaminants: If your notice debris, pet hairs or excessive other contaminants floating around in your rooms, they may be coming into the room from dirty ductworks.
  • Illness: If family members are, experiencing unusual or unexplained symptoms or illnesses that you think might be related to your home environment you may want to consider having your ducts cleaned to see if the HVAC system was the culprit.


During September and October, Angell Aire is offering a free ductworks cleaning to anyone who purchases an approved Bryant furnace system. You not only get a higher efficiency system, you get clean ductworks to carry it throughout your home. Call us for details.  952-513-4382.



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