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Space Heater Safety Tip for Energy Savings

Space Heaters

As heating costs rise, home owners turn to space heaters as one option for reducing energy costs. By seeing your home as having different zones, you can heat the appropriate zones rather than the entire house. Space heaters are be useful for zone heating. Here are some suggestions from the city of Boise about space heater safety.

  • Look for one that is listed with a nationally-recognized testing laboratory. These heaters have been tested to meet specific safety standards, and manufacturers are required to provide important use and care information to the consumer. On heaters that are not listed, consumers have less assurance that the safety features and operating instructions are adequate.
  • Purchase a heater with a guard around the heating element. A wire grill or other protection is essential to keep fingers or fabrics from touching the hot element. Portable electric heaters that heat by circulating oil or water, however, usually have lower surface temperatures and may not need guards.
  • Before using the heater, read and follow the instructions for its operation and maintenance.
  • If you must use an extension cord, make sure it is a heavy duty cord marked with a #14 gauge or larger wire. An incorrectly-sized cord may create a fire hazard. If the heater’s plug has a grounding prong, use only a grounding (three-wire) extension cord.
  • Never run the heater’s cord (or any cord) under rugs or carpeting.
  • Do not leave the heater operating unattended or operating while sleeping. Portable electric air heaters are designed for use only as temporary supplemental heating and only while attended.
  • Do not use an electric heater as a dryer by placing clothing over it and never use it a heater to thaw pipes.
  • Keep the heater in safe working condition. Replace missing guards and controls at once, Never operate a defective heater.
  • Do not place the heater where children might play near it or where people might trip over or bump into it.
  • Place electric heaters on a level surface for stability.
  • Avoid using space heaters in bathrooms, or other areas where they may come in contact with water.

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