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Spring Cleaning Energy Saving Tips

Spring Cleaning Energy TipsAfter many winter months inside your home, you may be anxious to do a good spring cleaning of the home.  Did you know that some of your spring cleaning chores can also save you energy dollars?  Here are spring cleaning energy saving tips.

Clean Your Refrigerator Coils

This may not sound like it’s worth the trouble, but cleaning dust off the coils in the back of the refrigerator will make it run much more efficiently and save both energy and money.

                Pull your fridge away from the wall and unplug it.
                Find the coils and dust.  Sometime they are hidden by  a plate. 
                Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust or soap and water if it is really bad.
                Make sure coils are completely dry before replacing the place and moving fridge back.

Light Bulbs Need Cleaning

Remember to dust or wipe light bulbs.  Clean bulbs provide more light for the money.

Inspect Sliding Doors

If your home has a sliding door, make sure to keep its track clean. A dirty tract can ruin the daoor’s seal and create gap[s where heat and cold air can escape.

Change the Air Conditioner Filter

You can save 5%-15% on cooling costs just by making sure that you’re A/C filter is clean.  This is easy to do and should be done twice a year.

Clothes Dryer Lint Filter

Don’t forget to clean the lint filter every time you use the dryer.  Take advantage of warm sunny days to hang your clothes outside.

Clean Inside of Dishwasher

Keeping your dishwasher clean saves energy and water.  You ‘ll use less water and energy in pre-soaking and rinsing with these simple steps.

Turn off the power or unplug
Use vinegar and water to clean the racks and door
Check the Spinning arms and vents to clean out any debris.  You can use a tooth brush
Check the door for dirt that prevent the seals from closing

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