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Summer Energy Efficiency Myths and Facts

Summer Energy Efficiency Myths and FactsHere are some summer energy efficiency myths and facts from Dakota Electric.

Myth:  When I’m not home, keeping my air conditioner at a lower temperature throughout the day means it doesn’t have to run harder to cool my home when I return.

Fact:  To save energy, set your thermostat to a higher temperature during the day and lower it when you return home.  A programmable thermostat allows you to lower the temperature.  

Myth: Closing vents on my central air conditioning system will boost efficiency.

Fact: Air duct systems are designed to balance air flow.  Closing vents can cause the compressor to cycle too frequently and overload.  You will also use more energy.  

Myth: Time of day doesn’t matter when it comes to running  my appliances.  

Fact: Time of day does matter when running electrical loads.  For example, take advantage of the delay setting and run your dishwasher at night to avoid peak times of uses, which helps keep Dakota Electric’s wholesale energy costs down.  

Myth: Bigger is always better when it comes to cooling equipment.  

Fact:  Too often cooling equipment is not sized properly and leads to high electric bills.  A unit that is too large for your home will not cool evenly and might producer higher humidity indoors.  A quality installer will properly size your system.


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