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Summer Energy Saving Tips Part I

Lakeville Heating and Cooling Air Conditioner TipsMinnesota’s summer has arrived!  Your air conditioner must now do its job of cooling the air in your Lakeville home and taking out the humidity.  In the next couple of weeks, we share some of the well-known tips and other lesser known tips for making your air conditioning more efficient and saving your energy dollars. 


Some wait until the last minute, to turn on their air conditioners.   Air conditioners are designed to bring about a 20% change in the home temperatures.  Waiting until your home is extremely hot before turning on the air conditioner will only make your system work harder.  Start your system 2-4 hours ahead of the time when you want the most comfort.

Ceiling fans are a great compliment to your air conditioning system.  They move around the cooler air to make your home more comfortable.  In the summer time, your blades should be moving counter clockwise so the air is moving downward.  Most ceiling fans have a switch that changes the direction of the blades.

Keeping heat out of your home is another way to make your air conditioner run more efficiently.  Close the blinds on windows that face the sun.  Having white shades on these windows reflect the heat and make the area cooler, requiring less air conditioning time.

Make sure the area around your outside air conditioner is clear.  It is relatively easy to use a hose or a soft brush to clear away debris, like cottonwood seeds that attach to your outside A/C coils.  In some experiments, air condition units in a shady area, have a 10% higher efficiency than those in full sun light.  If you do plant shrubs or shade trees near your air conditioning unit, make sure they are not blocking the unit and you continue to have easy access to the outside unit.

In the next post, we will share additional tips for saving energy dollars and making your air conditioner run more efficiently.  

Please share your best summer energy saving tip.

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