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Summer Energy Saving Tips Part III

Lakeville Heating and Cooling Air Conditioner TipsThis is Part III in our three part series on ways to save summer energy costs with your air conditioner.

If you have rooms that vary greatly in temperature, you may want to consider an air duct analysis. Air ducts that are not connected properly or are dirty will force your air conditioner to do heavy duty to keep all of the areas of your home comfortable.

Your windows and doors are your greatest areas of bringing in heat and loosing cool air. If you have older windows, replacing them with energy efficient windows and low E glass can be a real savings for your summer energy costs.

Installing an attic fan is another great way to save summer energy costs. Attics can often reach temperatures of 150 degrees. This can make your upper rooms more uncomfortable and your air conditioner work harder. An attic fan and roof vents will help ventilate this hot area away from your living areas.

When did you last check your attic insulation? Over time, insulation loses its effectiveness. Adding additional insulation can make your home cooler in the summer. Check with your utility company for deals they offer to increase insulation and they will share in the cost.

Run appliances like dishwashers and washing machines/dryers during the evening. The cost of electricity is cheaper in the evening, the outside temperature becomes cooler and the heat from running these appliances will not force your air conditioner to work harder like it would during the daytime hours.

Turn off lamps, TV’s, electrical devises and other appliances when not in use. Use outside grilling instead of using your oven that will force your air conditioner to work harder.

Do you have additional energy saving tips you can share with others?


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