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The Bad Effects of Too Much Humidity in Your Home

The Bad Effects of Too Much Humidity in Your HomeThe Bad Effects of Too Much Humidity in Your Home…Summer is here. With summer comes higher humidity. When it comes to summer comfortable, you feel more comfortable with less humidity in your home. What are the bad effects that come from too much humidity in your home?

Excessive Home Humidity

Excessive indoor humidity often results in respiratory infections and allergies that can lead to sneezing, coughing, and itch.

More severe health effects due to excessive humidity can result in rashes, nausea, rapid heartbeat, asthma attacks, heat stroke, muscle pain, and frequent headaches.

Humidity levels directly affect your mood. A study by Persinger (1975) shows that there are “significant negative relationships between relative humidity and “mood scores,” which represent a measure of happiness.” Another study found that physical strength, feeling healthy, happiness, and social affection are specific aspects of our emotional well-being that were influenced by relative humidity.

Excessive indoor humidity levels produces condensation on windows and walls. This can result in structural damage. You can see this condition in wood rot, molds, damp spots, and corroding furniture.

Improper indoor humidity levels can also result in dust mites and other sick makers such as allergens, pathogens, and noxious chemicals.
Your relative humidity in the summer should be at 60%. Bedrooms should be around 50% to help with a better night’s sleep.


In the next post, I will provide some suggestions on how you ca reduce excessive humidity in your home during the summer months. You will be safer and feel more comfortable.

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