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Tips for Safely Removing Roof Ice

In the last post, we shared some tips about ice dams that can harm your home.  Here’s an article about ways to remove ice from your Lakeville home.

Tips for Removing Ice from Around Your Home

If you have icy areas around your home, it’s important to make them safe for pedestrians. Keep these safety tips in mind:

Pay Attention to Your Footing

As you work, be sure you have a non-slippery spot to stand. Put down kitty litter or some other traction material before you walk on the ice.

Choose Chemical Products Carefully

Putting a layer of rock salt (sodium chloride) on icy areas is an effective way to melt the ice. However, rock salt can cause damage to concrete and metal surfaces and is also harmful to plants. Magnesium chloride is less corrosive that other chemical products and works well for melting ice. Before using any ice melting products read the labels carefully.

Remove Icicles from Your Home

Remove any hanging icicles from roof edges and gutters. This will help prevent injuries to children and pets when they fall.

Safety Tips for Removing Snow from Your Roof

If a lot of snow has accumulated on the roof of your home, you may need to remove it to avoid leaks. Additionally, snow is heavy and can strain the structure of your house. Keep these tips in mind.

Work from the Ground if Possible

The safest way to remove snow from the roof of your property is to do so from ground level using a rake. Don’t stand directly below the area you are focusing on when removing snow from the roof of your home. You may be pulling the snow down on top of yourself, and even a small area has the potential to shake loose 100 pounds or more at once.

Don’t Work Alone

If you need to go up onto the roof to deal with the snow, don’t do so alone. Get someone else to act as a spotter, and use a harness or a rope for extra security. Wearing boots with good traction or adding boot chains to your footwear is required if you are going to be doing this type of work.

Don’t Pile the Snow

Don’t pile the snow up before moving it off the roof. The weight of accumulated snow sitting in one area can damage the affected area and can even lead to a collapse.  

Be Safe!

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