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Tips for Staying Warm without Extra Heat!

Tips for Staying Warm without Extra Heat!How do you stay toasty warm for the winter season without having to overexert your heating bill? 

First thing’s first—wear a lot of layers. An extra layer of tights, a thick pair of socks, an additional sweatshirt or a wool beanie on your head can go a long way in retaining your precious body heat. And though exercising may seem all the more daunting in the winter season when you just want to stay snug under the blankets all day, keeping your body active on a regular basis will also help keep your body temperature warm. Once that is done, follow the simple tips and tricks below. Seal all air leaks. Drink hot cocoa. Bake cookies. See, not having a heater isn’t so bad after all. Thanks to Wonder How T0 for these great tips.Tips for Staying Warm without Extra Heat!

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