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Too Good at Recycling!

Too Good at Recycling!It took us years to adapt our habits to recycling our household wastes.  It is now a way of life to have our garbage picked up every week and our recyclables like cans, bottles, plastic, paper and cardboard every other week.

What’s the problem?

Have you ever run out of room before your recycle day?  Your recycle cart is overflowing?

Being creatures that know how to adapt, we add some of our recycle materials to our garbage cart.  This negates recycling.   Or we crush our cans and plastic to gain more room.  Flatten cans and plastic containers screw up the machines at the recycling centers. (You can and should flatten cardboard).

Here’s an easy solution.  Most garbage haulers will automatically upgrade your 65 gallon cart to a 95 gallon cart with no charges.  If you find you are using less garbage because you are recycling more, you can request a smaller container.  By law garbage haulers must charge less for a smaller container. This could be $1-$3.00 per month.  

So if your recycle container is full before the schedule pickup, try the above solution.  You will be happier with your recycling efforts and you could save some dollars in the process.  For more information about recycling, go to Dakota Valley Recycling. 

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