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Water Saving Tips

Water Saving TipsA recent St. Paul Pioneer Press article indicated that 1/3 of Minnesota is under a drought advisory. With our small amount of snow over the past winter, we maybe facing more drought conditions in the months ahead. 35% of the US is under drought conditions. Water will become the new “gold”.

Here are some water saving tips you can use to save water in your Lakeville home. They come from Joe Clark a local real estate agent.

Never pour water down the drain when it can be used for other purposes like watering your household plants.

Repair dripping faucets by replacing the washers. A dripping faucet of one drop per second wastes 2700 gallons of water per year. This adds to your water and sewer costs.

Install a toilet dam or displacement devices to cut down on the water needed for each flush. Make sure this does not interfere with the operation of the toilet.

When purchasing new or replacement toilets, consider low-volume units which use less than half of water required by traditional toilets. Some local building codes now require these low volume units.

Take shorter showers. Replace your existing shower heads with an ultra-low-flow unit. These will require less water. Energy companies like Dakota Electric often offer low-cost units that can serve this purpose.

Run your dishwasher only with full loads.

Install flow restriction faucet heads on your sink faucets. Don’t let hot water run when you are shaving, washing dishes by hand or doing similar tasks.


We may live in the land of 10,000 lakes and yet water will become the new gold for all of us. Our watersheds are slowly loosing their capacity to keep up with water demands. Use these water saving tips to save our precious water resource and save on your energy dollars.

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