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What Really Can Go Down Your Drain?

Have you ever argued over what you can or can’t put down a drain in your Lakeville home? After cleaning many drains I have a good idea.

 Lakeville Heating and Cooling Clogged Drain

10. Coffee- Coffee is an oil removed from coffee beans, it eats drains and the oil collects than gums up the works. Always run plenty of water after dumping your coffee into a drain.

 9. Soda Pop- Everybody has heard of the student who placed a tooth in a glass of pop and watched it completely dissolve over a week. It also is sticky and gums up the works. Iron drains with a pop machine attached last about 5 to 6 years at most.

 8. Produce- It never fails on Thanksgiving, someone’s mother in law plugs the kitchen sink with celery or carrots.

 7. Rice- Similar to produce, it makes me wonder why people don’t have a small garbage can in the kitchen for food scraps.

 6. Grease- Nobody admits to it but it always catches up with them, grease needs to be cabled so it will drain, then treated with chemicals. An awful lot of work for something I personally put in pop cans than throw away.

 5. Toys in the toilet- Nobody is immune to this one. When my son, two at the time, was in the act of flushing a toy, with a gleeful look I might add. I dove my hand in the toilet and just missed it. When kids discover the toilet it is a joyous time, but one filled with awkward moments and red faces.

4. Toilet paper- If you have a low flow toilet, you have a plunger beside it. And if you visit someone with a plunger next to the toilet, courtesy flush! (Flush half way though wiping)

3. Dryer Lint- The soap from the clothes washer is bad enough, but mix in lint and your floor drain will soon be flooding. Washer socks work well and save money when used.

2. Paint- The laundry tub looks like a good spot to clean your paint brushes, but no, not so much.

1.  Blood- plumbers who have worked in mortuaries of blood banks will contest to this one. Blood clots and rots, No fun.


Stay away from these simple items and unless a tree is growing over your sewer, my advice would be to cut it down, you can enjoy a long service free usage of your plumbing drains.

Thanks to the plumbing man for his thoughts on what to put down drains!

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