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Who Wants to Talk About Toilet?


Lakeville Energy Saving TipsDid you know that 75% of your water usage comes from toilet flushes?  Some experts predict that in the near future, water will become as precious as oil.  Already, you have noticed we are paying more for our water bills.

I recently had to replace the toilet flush system in one of our toilets.  So I decided to try the new two flush system.  I had seen the strange looking handle at a friend’s house.

A two system flush system allows you to press one button for liquid waste using less water.  You use another button for solid waste that uses the normal amount of water.

In Europe where water is already a growing issue, they have been using this system for years.  If you multiply the number of persons in your house, and the times they are using the bathroom daily, weekly, yearly,  they estimate saving over 3000 gallons per year per person.   This saves you money as well as contributing to a more sustainable environment

I went to the Home Depot in Lakeville and bought the duel flush system.  I am sure other Lakeville hardware and home improvement stores also carry such products.   It cost only a few dollars more than traditional flush hardware.  It took about 15 minutes to install–no longer to install than traditional flush systems.  Then it took about two weeks for everyone in the house to get used to the two options.  Now every push saves us money and we know that we are doing a small part to add to a better world.

If you want to learn more about water saving tips.  Check out this article More Water Saving Tips.

What ways do you save water?

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