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Winter Safety and Security Tips for Your Home

Winter Safety TipsWinter Safety and Security Tips.    In this post, you will learn tips for keeping the outside of your home safe and secure during the winter months.

Winter Security Outside Your Home

Burglars target homes that appear to be unoccupied.  So you always want to make your home appear like someone is home.

  • Sidewalks and Driveways—you want to plow and shovel your walkways and driveway.  This lets other know someone is home.  Shoveled driveways and walkways also prevent people from injuring themselves with a fall.
  • Outdoor sensors—check outdoor sensors, motion detectors and lighting.  Minnesota cold can make these tools malfunction.  Check to see they are working properly.
  • Warming your car—this makes it nice for winter driving.  It also creates an opportunity for a car thieves.  Don’t leave your car unattended while you warm it up.
  • Ice and Snow buildup—can cause extreme damage to your home.  Using a ladder to access the ice buildup can be dangerous in the winter time.  Always have a friend assist you with the job.  Roof rakes, ice melting pellets and professional roof people are other alternatives to this difficult job.
  • Defrosting locks—you can purchase a simple de-frosting chemical for car doors or front door locks that have become frozen.
  • Windows and Doors—should be secure.  This is not only a security measure; it also helps prevent heat loss and expensive heating bills.
  • Garage and sheds—doors should be locked.   Often times a service door that is rarely used in the winter time has become unlocked.  Lock it to prevent access to your garage.

Conclusion to Winter Safety and Security Tips

Follow these simple tips for making the outside of your home safe and secure for the winter months.  Stay warm and be safe!

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